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Aml Custom Pc’s can create your vision and build any pc the way you like. we build all our computers from scratch so you can choose exactly the design and specs you require

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We have delivered custom builds with fantastic results on numerous occasions, check out our projects page to see some of our builds.

Richard Ord

I am a husband, father, pc modder and a gamer. I live in the northeast of england with my wife and two children.

I work full time as a Quality Assurance Officer but build and modify PC’s, in my spare time. I first started building PC’s around 2014, it was a hackingtosh, I switched from windows to mac around 2009 but I wanted to game on a PC. It was a dual boot system with a i7 4770k a gigabyte z97 itx motherboard, 8gb corsair Ram, evga 970, 2x 250gb ssd for boot system for mac os and windows, 1tb hdd and a corsair cx 550. It was not a bad little system it all fit nicely into a bitfenix prodigy case, it was not long until I cut a window into the side panel and upgraded to a fully customised watercooling system, from there I developed a real interest in PC building, watercooling and modding.

In 2017 I managed to get my first sponsorship with Alphacool , Thermaltake, Nanoxia and To The Wire Custom Sleeves. Project No Name was born, fully watercooled system in a custom thermaltake x71 case, I even built my first ever custom reservoir which I think turned out great. This build also got nominated for mod of the month over on bit-tech.net, which I was very honoured to be nominated, the quality of the builds are outstanding.

I continue to build PC’s and develop my knowledge, it is not always about the best hardware and the best cases, it is about transforming an everyday looking PC and making it stand out.


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